Best Links of the Week: February 9, 2019

Photo by  Ameer Basheer  on  Unsplash

'We Can't Recycle Our Way Out of This Problem': Ben & Jerry's Bans Single-Use Plastics [EcoWatch]

Magnetic north shifting by 30 miles a year, might signal pole reversal [mother nature network]

House Democrats Hold First Climate Change Hearings in More Than 5 Years [EcoWatch]

4 Easy Hip Flexor Stretches That Make Your Whole Body Sigh With Relief [Well + Good]

Women’s Brains Stay Sharper Longer Than Men’s, New Study Finds [mindbodygreen]

10 Best Houseplants for Improving the Air Quality In Your Home [One Green Planet]

For Plump, Hydrated Skin This Winter, Stock Up On Houseplants [mibdbodygreen]

The dos and don’ts of marketing plant-based foods [Food Business News]

How to Make Money for Your Art (Without Selling Your Soul) [The Startup]

The 18 Best Healthy Foods to Buy in Bulk (And the Worst) [EcoWatch]

The bacteria in your gut may reveal your true age [Science Magazine]

Everything You Need To Know About Worry Stones [Sivana East]

What is CBD Bioavailability and Why Does it Matter? [Medium]

Pea proteins showing up in more bakery products [Food Dive]

The Psychedelic Renaissance Will Not Be Contained [Medium]

Does Climate Change Mean I Can’t Have Kids? [Medium]

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