Best Links of the Week: February 2, 2019

Photo by  John Price  on  Unsplash

Photo by John Price on Unsplash

There Are Two Kinds of People in This World: “Sorry” People and “Thank You” People [Man Repeller]

I Detoxed My Home from Plastic and It’s Going to Save Me Thousands of Dollars [Well + Good]

Peppermint Oil May Ease Your Headaches, IBS & Nasal Congestion [mindbodygreen]

This Common Preservative in Processed Food May Be Making You Tired [Eco Watch]

The Surprising Way CBD Affects Your Brain Health: Alzheimer’s [mindbodygreen]

How Kombrewcha used consumer research to increase alcohol levels [Food Dive]

What's the buzz about global warming affecting world coffee supply? [Food Dive]

Improve Your Focus And Concentration Using These 4 Crystals [Sivana East]

Extreme Weather Is Preventing Plants From Processing Carbon [Futurism]

This Is How You Get Turmeric Stains Out of Your Clothes [Well + Good]

The Specific Health Benefits Of Eating The Rainbow [mindbodygreen]

Got Anxiety? Study Finds Cannabis Strains to Try, or Avoid [Leafly]

How to Thwart the Robots: Unabashed Creativity [Fast Company]

How to Let Go of Anger Before You Self-Combust [Well + Good]

Climate Change’s Hidden Victim: Your Mental Health [Medium]

Static electricity could charge our electronics [Science Daily]

Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis [Medium]

3 Easy Ways To Ripen Avocados Fast [mindbodygreen]

How to Wake Up Feeling Amazing [Lifehacker]

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