Best Links of the Week: February 16, 2019

Photo by  Rodion Kutsaev  on  Unsplash

Sustainable Travel Tips to Keep Your Vacays Great Without Compromising the World You Want to See [Well + Good]

I Believe The Law Of Attraction Is BS: Here's How I Manifested Everything I've Ever Wanted [mindbodygreen]

Permaculture Garden Produces 7000 Pounds of Organic Food Per Year on a Tenth of an Acre [Return To Now]

Insects Could Go Extinct Within a Century, With 'Catastrophic' Consequences for Life on Earth [EcoWatch]

It Comes Down to Your Subconscious: How Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Attain Your Goals [Entrepreneur]

16:8 Intermittent Fasting: How To Banish Cravings With This Science-Backed Diet [mindbodygreen]

This spud’s for you: A breeding revolution could unleash the potential of potato [Science Magazine]

The Science Behind Our Heart’s Intelligence and Tips on How to Start Listening [Shift Frequency]

Keeping Secrets Can Hurt Your Mental Health, But Here's How To Stop It [mindbodygreen]

The dream of building a coast-to-coast scenic bike trail just got real [mother nature network]

These probiotics for plants help farms suck up extra carbon dioxide [Fast Company]

Why Is the Cold Weather So Extreme if the Earth Is Warming? [New York Times]

Snacking Can Make You Age Faster — And Gain More Weight [mindbodygreen]

Anxiety Ran My Life Until I Took These Three Super Simple Steps [The Ascent]

What Your Microbiome Really Needs Is Fiber, Not Kombucha [Medium Health]

Inside the GMO law: What needs to be labeled and why it matters [Food Dive]

How to Turn Your Biggest Insecurity Into Your Greatest Strength [Livestrong]

The Essential Oils You Should Never Put In Your Bath [mindbodygreen]

The Psychological Consequences Of Birth Control Pills [mindbodygreen]

15 Essential Oils That'll Help Balance Your Hormones [mindbodygreen]

Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition [The Atlantic]

Why You Should ‘Exercise Snack’ Throughout the Day [Medium]

Nature Helps Couples Get More Intimate [mindbodygreen]

Why Your Thyroid Meds Aren't Working [mindbodygreen]

How to Meal Prep — A Beginner's Guide [EcoWatch]

Quitting Zyrtec is ‘Total Hell’ [Medium]

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