Best Links of the Week: February 23, 2019

Photo by  Josh Sorenson  on  Unsplash

Grand Canyon Visitors Were Exposed to Unsafe Radiation From Buckets of Uranium for Nearly Two Decades [EcoWatch]

Remember people’s names once and for all by using this technique from memory champs [TED]

Ancient supernova saved Earth from watery grave, this study suggests [mother nature network]

Dentists Say Stress-Fueled Jaw Tension Is On the Rise—Here’s How to Deal [Well + Good]

How To Network With The Best Of Them, Even If You're An Introvert [mindbodygreen]

A Money Guru Explains How Your Emotions Impact Your Wealth [mindbodygreen]

Do I Have to Go to That? A Guide for the Reluctantly Social Employee [Medium]

Fungus among us: New mushroom snack line signals category growth [Food Dive]

Glyphosate Exposure Increases Cancer Risk Up to 41%, Study Finds [EcoWatch]

Bill Gates Funds Tiny Robot Surgeons That Operate Inside the Body [Futurism]

Everyday Tonics That Help Your Body Adjust to Stress and Anxiety [EcoWatch]

Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Cause a Magnesium Deficiency [Well + Good]

How To End A Family Argument, According To A Therapist [mindbodygreen]

Sex Researchers: For Many, Virtual Lovers Will Replace Humans [Futurism]

Can plant-based burger companies undo meat's masculinity? [Fast Company]

Tilray buys hemp food maker Manitoba Harvest for $317M [Food Dive]

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work? [New York Times]

5 reasons you should eat organic produce [mother nature network]

How to use succulents as outdoor annuals [mother nature network]

Is the Future of Grocery Shopping B.Y.O. Container? [EcoWatch]

Is It Okay To Buy Fast Fashion Secondhand? [The Good Trade]

How To Actually Let Go Of Relationship Baggage [EcoWatch]

The Awesome Potential of Quantum Computing [The Startup]

How Removing Asphalt Is Softening Our Cities [EcoWatch]

How Your Emotions Impact Your Wealth [mindbodygreen]

20 New Advances in the Science of Aging [Medium]

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