Best Links of the Week: March 2, 2019

Photo by  Alexandr Block  on  Unsplash

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In 'Historic Vote,' Ohio City Residents Grant Lake Erie Legal Rights of a Person [EcoWatch]

The Issue With Tissue and Toilet Paper: How the U.S. Is Flushing Forests Away [EcoWatch]

Understanding Iron Deficiency and Why Women Are More At Risk [One Green Planet]

Junk Food May Be Messing With Your Mental Health, Study Says [mindbodygreen]

Do You Remember Normal Weather? Scientists Say Most of Us Don't [EcoWatch]

How to Master the Mediterranean Diet When You Don’t Eat Meat [Well + Good]

10 Habits Of People Who Always Have A Clean Home [mindbodygreen]

How Water & Air Are Messing With Your Health [mindbodygreen]

If your cat is neurotic, it may be your fault [mother nature network]

How to be a zero-waste grocery shopper [mother nature network]

How To Grow New Brain Cells, As An Adult [mindbodygreen]

Is cheese worse for the planet than beef? [Live Kindly]

Scientists Want You to Lucid Dream [Medium]