Best Links of the Week: October 12, 2019

Living near a coast is linked with better mental health, study suggests [mother nature network]

This Is the Tightest Muscle in Your Body. Here’s Exactly How to Stretch It Out [Well + Good]

20 Fossil Fuel Companies Are Responsible for a Third of Carbon Emissions [EcoWatch]

Dads Drinking Before Conception May Cause Heart Defects in Babies [Futurism]

How A High-Fiber Diet Can Prevent Heart Disease & Diabetes [mindbodygreen]

High-Protein Nuts For Balanced Blood Sugar & More Energy [mindbodygreen]

Here's Everything Vegans Can Order At Fast Food Restaurants [BuzzFeed]

7 Ways to Increase Optimism and Reduce Anxiety Every Day [EcoWatch]

Ashwagandha For Liver Health And Detox: 5 Proven Benefits [CureJoy]

What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing [mindbodygreen]

We’re Just Starting to Learn How Fracking Harms Wildlife [EcoWatch]

5 Relaxation Hacks That Work as Well as Meditation [Elemental]

Your Self Esteem Is Not Your Partner’s Responsibility [Medium]

How to Stop Blowing Up at Every Little Thing [Medium]

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