Best Links of the Week: October 19, 2019

Can Trauma Really Be Physically "Stored" In The Body? Here's What The Experts Say [mindbodygreen]

Scientists Develop Tool To Show How Our Microbiome Changes Over Time [mindbodygreen]

Air Pollution Exposure Is Linked to Increased Violent Crime, Domestic Violence [EcoWatch]

Buying 'green' won't make you any happier, but buying less will [mother nature network]

Eating Home-Cooked Meals Can Reduce Chemicals In Your Body [mindbodygreen]

Oysters Are An Unlikely Ally In The Fight Against Climate Change [mindbodygreen]

Study Finds Our Immune Systems May Be Created In The Womb [mindbodygreen]

High-Sugar Diet Leads To Acne More Than Tobacco Use [mindbodygreen]

California Bans Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children [EcoWatch]

How Much Caffeine Does Tea Have Compared with Coffee? [EcoWatch]

How to find a hobby — and why you should [mother nature network]

An Introduction to the State of Wind Power in the U.S. [EcoWatch]

How to Avoid ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Your Dinner [EcoWatch]

How to find awe in everyday things [mother nature network]

It’s Okay If You’re Not Resilient [Elemental]

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