Best Links of the Week: October 6, 2019

I Got Off The Pill After Taking It For Over A Decade—Here’s What Happened [The Good Trade]

McDonald’s Testing Plastic-Free Restaurants in Canada and Germany [One Green Planet]

How Stress Can Mess With Your Gut & 4 Things You Can Do About It [mindbodygreen]

How to Use Science of Meditation to Motivate Your Own Meditation Habit [Medium]

New Study Finds Living Near The Sea May Boost Mental Health [mindbodygreen]

You Don’t Have A Time Management Problem — You Just Think You Do [Medium]

Palm Oil Is in Everything and It’s Hurting More Than the Orangutans [EcoWatch]

Surprising Signs of Inflammation That Most People Overlook [Well + Good]

In Defense of Cancel Culture, Complications and All [Well + Good]

What Your Poop Is Telling You About Your Body [mindbodygreen]

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Better For Sleep [mindbodygreen]

America's First Cannabis Cafe Is Open for Business [Futurism]

Is Pumpkin Seed Oil The New Coconut Oil? [mindbodygreen]

How to stay politically engaged with less stress [EcoWatch]

Seeing the Bright Side May Help Your Heart [EcoWatch]

The Beginner's Guide to Electric Cars [EcoWatch]

You’re Cleaning Mushrooms Wrong [Medium]

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