Best Links of the Week: June 30, 2018

Photo by  Gonard Fluit  on  Unsplash

Photo by Gonard Fluit on Unsplash

BPA can induce multigenerational effects on ability to communicate, mouse study shows [Science Daily]

How To Break Through The Scarcity Mindset & Work From A Place Of Abundance [mindbodygreen]

Sea-Level Rise Could Threaten Coastal Communities Sooner Than We Thought [mindbodygreen]

Our intestinal microbiome influences metabolism -- through the immune system [Science Daily]

New study shows how a single binge drinking episode affects gene that regulates sleep [PsyPost]

Artificial trans fats, widely linked to heart disease, are officially banned [The Washington Post]

Live Nation rigged an entire concert to measure the biometrics of music fans [Fast Company]

Allergies Out Of Control? Here's What's Causing All That Inflammation [mindbodygreen]

Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Eating For Blood Sugar Balance [mindbodygreen]

These U.S. communities are most vulnerable to sea level rise [mother nature network]

17 Spiritual Principles To Help You Overcome Impostor Syndrome [mindbodygreen]

Vitamin D may decrease breast cancer risk, study reports [Medical News Today]

You might actually be immortal according to quantum mechanics [Noteworthy]

How A Trip To Japan Turned Me Into A Lifelong Minimalist [mindbodygreen]

his is why Google employees meditate before and after meetings [Gadgets Now]

He's the first patient to go to trial to argue Roundup made him sick [CNN]

8 Underlying Reasons Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack [mindbodygreen]

Early risers have lower risk of depression, study finds [Medical News Today]

Drinking Alcohol Can Raise Cancer Risk. How Much Is Too Much? [NPR]

5 Very Real Reasons To Tone Your Vagus Nerve Today [mindbodygreen]

Why our urge to answer the phone is long gone [mother nature network]

In a Chinese Village, Elderly Farmers Are Now Yogis [New York Times]

Uncovering the Mental Health Crisis of Climate Change [Nexus Media]

'Blood moon' eclipse will be century's longest [mother nature network]

How Chlorophyll Can Give Your Gut Health a Boost [Well + Good]

14 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Your Water Use [mindbodygreen]

Probiotics can protect the skeletons of older women [Science Daily]

How Yoga Helps You Win The War On Depression [Sivana East]

13 ways to get rid of fruit flies naturally [mother nature network]

Belize praised for 'visionary' steps to save coral reef [BBC News]

This is How Dairy Affects Your Hormones [One Green Planet]

How to choose sustainable flowers [mother nature network]

Why We're at Peak "Plant Lady" Right Now [Well + Good]

We Used To Dream, Now We Just Think [PS I Love You]

When does hungry become hangry? [The Conversation]

The most important skill nobody taught you [Quartz]