Best Links of the Week: June 23, 2018

Photo by  Lode Lagrainge  on  Unsplash

Oregano Oil: How This Inflammation-Fighting Oil Might Help Soothe Candida [mindbodygreen]

Why Physicists Think String Theory Might Be Our ‘Theory Of Everything’ [Starts With A Bang!]

Acid to Alkaline: Naturally Acidic Plant-Based Foods That Alkalize the Body [One Green Planet]

7 Reasons Sex Is Great for You (That Have Nothing to Do with Your Relationship) [Greatist]

Could “Emotional Labor” at Work Be the Reason You’re So Exhausted? [Well + Good]

My Quest to Get As Tan As Possible Without Ever Stepping into the Sun [MEL]

Kilauea's new spectacle: It's raining green gems [mother nature network]

Why can't we solve the modern traffic jam? [mother nature network]

You probably live in a parallel universe. Here’s why. [Noteworthy]

Why Being Selfish Is Actually A Good Thing [mindbodygreen]

Engineers create stable plasma ring in open air []

To Rebuild My Life, I Had to Listen to My Gut [Medium]

How to use weeds to read soil [mother nature network]

What To Do When You’re Unengaged [Medium]

The Ten Dimensions, Simplified [Medium]

The Whole Vegan Lifestyle [Medium]

DNA Is Overrated [NEO.LIFE]

Your Mystical Brain [Medium]