Best Links of the Week: July 7, 2018

Photo by  Alex Holyoake  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

5 Warning Signs Your Tongue is Telling You about Your Health & Digestion [Kimberly Snyder]

Another Reason To Freak Out About Air Pollution: It Could Cause Diabetes [mindbodygreen]

How This Summer's Fiery and Aggressive Mars Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign [Broadly]

80% of Supermarket Meat Contains Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria [One Green Planet]

How Google cleared a path for companies to buy clean power [Fast Company]

The Best Conservation Program You Never Heard of Nears End [Gear Junkie]

First study of its kind reveals physiological benefits of ASMR [Science Daily]

Eating (Or rather, Fasting) Our Way to Rejuvenated Stem Cells? [Medium]

You Can Easily Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar [mindbodygreen]

Seeing the Whole Earth from Space Changed Everything [X Long Now]

This is the first photo of a planet being born [mother nature network]

Ancient Cooling Practices For When It's Hot AF [mindbodygreen]

Seeing the same doctor over time 'lowers death rates' [BBC News]

Are fireworks bad for the environment? [mother nature network]

What you need to know about palm oil [mother nature network]

A Medical Case for a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet [Doximity]

 Doctor Explains Vertigo + Ways To Treat It [mindbodygreen]

The Power Of Mindfulness Against Alzheimer’s [Sivana East]

How to sleep well when you travel [mother nature network]

Marriage May Be Good for Your Heart [New York Times]

How To Sit Comfortably While Meditating [Sivana East]

How to Spot a Sketchy Spiritual Guru [Medium]

What it's like to be a farmer [mindbodygreen]

The Power of Poo [I Contain Multitudes]

 Ways To Zen Your Home [Sivana East]

Is the Universe Conscious? [Medium]