Best Links of the Week: June 16, 2018

Geographical Attractors: How Personality and Place Affect Personal Flourishing [The Polymath Project]

Scientists Discover a New Type of Depression, Paving the Way for Innovative Treatments [Well + Good]

What to Do With Clay and Sandy Soils and How You Can Improve Them Both [One Green Planet]

I Volunteered On A Farm & It Completely Changed How I Think About Food [mindbodygreen]

NASA Found Evidence of Organic Matter on Mars. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal [Futurism]

To Rinse Or Not To Rinse: How Washing Some Foods Can Help You Avoid Illness [NPR]

This Simple, Deep Stretch Move Is Ideal For Anyone Who Sits All Day [mindbodygreen]

To Have What You Want, You Must Give-Up What’s Holding You Back [The Mission]

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is incomplete — there’s a final, forgotten stage [big think]

Clouds of spinning diamonds linked to Milky Way mystery [mother nature network]

How To Tell If Your Period Is Signaling A Hormone Imbalance [mindbodygreen]

Rachel Carson on Science and Our Spiritual Bond with Nature [Brain Pickings]

Want an age-friendly place to live? Move to the big city [mother nature network]

How Ayahuasca Helped Me Puke My Way to Better Mental Health [Medium]

Veggies at Breakfast: How to Do It Deliciously and Simply [One Green Planet]

How to Avoid Jealousy and Envy from Poisoning Your Life [Personal Growth]

Could Your Blood Type Determine How Well Your Skin Ages? [Well + Good]

Scientists shocked by mysterious deaths of ancient baobab trees [BBC News]

1 In 3 Adults In The U.S. Takes Medications Linked To Depression [NPR]

Monsanto name will disappear, not its products [mother nature network]

Becoming More Likeable Isn’t a Mystery–It’s Psychology [The Startup]

Our brains need silence to make sense of things [mother nature network]

Thank an opossum for fighting Lyme disease [mother nature network]

More important for heart patients to be active than thin [EurekAlert]

Why you should always read the ingredients [mother nature network]

Sex could improve your memory when you're older [Business Insider]

How, When, and Why to Terrace Your Gardens [One Green Planet]

‘I’ll Have the Cake.’ The Music Made Me Do It. [New York Times]

How (And Why) To Throw A Zero-Waste Party [mindbodygreen]

Avengers Star Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Vegan [VegNews]

The Morning Routine of a Rooftop Farmer [The Newsette]

The Next Trend In Travel Is… Don’t. [Bright Magazine]

One More Way All Religions Could Be True [Medium]

Feeling disgust helps us stay healthy, study says [CNN]

Climate Change Could Set Kids Up To Fail [Earther]

Stop Breaking Your Own Damn Heart [Medium]