Book Club: Crystal Muse

Crystal Muse - Best Vibes Ever Review

By Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of Energy Muse

Why I first picked up the book: An avid reader of Energy Muse, I heard of the book in its early stages when the website offered free videos and meditations for a pre-order of the book. It took me no time at all to add it to my next Amazon order, and a few months later it arrived!

This book is good for: Crystal newbies and experts alike. The book opens with a lot of general information about what crystals are, how they work, and their use throughout history. It then takes you through a series of rituals for a varitey of uses — for space clearing, meditations, attracting energies, luck, and love. There are a lot of crystal grids throughout the book, too.

A few select quotes:

"In the now age, a four-inch screen connects us to information and each other within seconds, but at the same time, it disconnects us from Mother Nature' wisdom. Mother Nature is real. She's all around us and she is our true connector."

"Crystals don't ask to be worshipped or prayed to, but they do have information waiting to be accessed."

"The silicon chip in your computer has been programmed to store several hundred gigabytes of information. Thus, isn't it conceivable that a crystal could transform other energies as well? That our intentions and thoughts might even be influenced by a crystal's subtle vibration?

"Crystals teach us to connect through silence. Each stone has its own unique blueprint. The process of tapping into a crystal's vibration is similar to how we tap into our own — with stillness." 

Final thoughts: This book is less of an encyclopedia of different types of crystals, and more of an instructional toolkit to take your crystal practices further.  Pick up a copy here!