Best Links of the Week: April 7, 2018

Photo by  Khachik Simonian  on  Unsplash

How the Beach Benefits Your Brain, According to Science [Inc]

“Prosthetic Memory Systems” Delivered Via Electrode, Could Be Dope, If You’re Willing To Wait A While [Futurism]

Is Caffeine Making You Tired All The Time? Here's Why You Might Be Better Off Without It [mindbodygreen]

L-Theanine: Everything You Need To Know About This Plant-Based Powerhouse [mindbodygreen]

Scientists Found a Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter. Here’s What That Means. [Futurism]

We’re losing the world’s forests, but there’s a way we can fight back [World Economic Forum]

Soft Drinks Are Killing You, So Why Don’t We Have A Sugar Tax Already? [Health Nerd]

Plant based diet may prevent chronic disease among the elderly, says study [LiveKindly]

Here’s how art is inspiring the Fourth Industrial Revolution [World Economic Forum]

Here’s Why A California Court Requires Cancer Risk Warnings on Coffee [Futurism]

In Praise of Tender Masculinity, the New Non-Toxic Way to Be a Man [Electric Lit]

Dining out associated with increased exposure to harmful chemicals [Science Daily]

Red Meat Associated With Risk Of Distal Colon Cancer In Women [Medical Daily]

Clean Air Is Now a Status Symbol in the World’s Most Polluted Cities [Futurism]

How Mindfulness Actually Works, and Why It Can Change Your Life [Medium]

Scientists have spent 60 years agonizing over how our knuckles crack [Quartz]

Florida photographer captures the stunning beauty of the Everglades [MNN]

The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work (And How to Fix Them) [Medium]

The Creative Brain on Silence (How Solitude Inspires Creativity) [Medium]

What Does Masculine Spiritual Development Look Like? [mindbodygreen]

How Do You Unlearn Your Parents’ Fucked Up Money Habits? [two cents]

Could cold weather be sabotaging your hydration efforts? [Well + Good]

How You Can Become So Good They Can’t Ignore You [The Startup]

50% of Milk Drinkers Also Use Dairy Alternatives [One Green Planet]

Bananas vs. Sports Drinks? Bananas Win in Study [New York Times]

How To Live Green Without Depriving Yourself [mindbodygreen]

Fasting, Longevity and the Mitochondrial Connection [Medium]

Americans Don’t Eat Enough Fruits and Veggies [Thrive Global]

Relax and Let Your Kids Indulge in TV [New York Times]

7 Things That Happy People Do Differently [Medium]

Asparagus is the Pop-Up Ad of Vegetables [Medium]

What It Takes To Be Truly Fearless []

The Spiritual Benefit Of Travel [mindbodygreen]

The Lost Art of Shutting The F**k Up [Medium]

Mangos are a natural probiotic [Well + Good]