Little Pine Review — Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Little Pine - Interior - Best Vibes Ever

One thing that I always remember about this place is how kind the staff is and how ethical the entire place is. All of their profits to go animal organizations. And they're just friendly people! They've been able to accommodate me even when OpenTable said it was impossible, which is rad, you know? A meal you can feel good about.

The Best Vibes Ever Guide to Little Pine

Little Pine - Caesar Salad - Best Vibes Ever

✧  What to order: The arancini — it's hard to find a good vegan edition, and this one excels. The dipping sauce is perfect, too. The veggie sides, soups, caesar salad (see above)... you really can't go wrong. Oh! And, their turmeric latte is my favorite of all time!

✧  The Vibe: Cozy, hipster-y, eco-friendly, vintage, vegan. 

  What to expect: I would say it's a bit prettier in the daytime, since it's dark at night. Lots of pine trees on the walls. A small outdoor area, which you'll travel through to find the bathrooms. 

This is Moby's restaurant, so expect a killer soundtrack. The music being played every time I go is stellar, but then again, I'm in my '30s and listen pretty exclusively to indie rock. 

✧  Dietary restrictions: All vegan with some GF options, like the Caesar Salad (above). They use a lot of nuts and seeds, so make sure to talk to your server about any allergies.

 Portion control: The plates — while beautiful — tend to have smaller servings for sharing rather than giant meals. Order a few of them or some appetizers or you might be left hungry.

Tips and tricks: Parking here is terrible, so park on the road and walk over to the restaurant. You should also know that the hours are a bit unusual. On weekends, it's 10am - 3pm (brunch) and 5pm - 10pm (dinner). Weekdays, they open at 5pm. 

Location: 2870 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

✧  Little Pine website ✧  Menu  ✧  Directions - Google maps ✧

Little Pine - Arancini Balls - Best Vibes Ever

Have you been to Little Pine? Did you see any celebrities? Did you see MOBY? Let me know!