Avant Garden Review — East Village, New York City


One thing that I always remember about this place is that you can sit in the window and do some amazing people watching. It's right at the end of Tompkins Square Park and looks directly at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop. The mix of people are very East Village, if you know what I mean. You'll love it! And now, the review.

The Best Vibes Ever Guide to Avant Garden

One of the seasonal toasts.

One of the seasonal toasts.

✧  What to order: The toasts! My goodness, the toasts. You simply must try them when you go. They come with two slices each, so get them to split or as a whole meal yourself!

✧  The Vibe: Upscale and cozy. You can sit at the bar where the chefs are making your food, so it all feels very intimate. Definitely a classy place with food absolutely that has the "wow factor" if you're looking to impress guests!

What to expect: A nice, laid-back evening full of really delicious, instagram-worthy food. 

✧ Dietary restrictions: It's entirely vegan, and much of it is gluten free. They can modify foods as needed. For a gluten free meal, order the Scorched Cauliflower (see pics below).

✧ Portion control: Unless you get appetizers or breads, I fear you likely won't walk out of there stuffed, fair warning. Most of the dishes are vegetable-based (and healthy AF, might I add!) so if you're really feeling hungry, order more than one plate!

✧ Tips and tricks: This is not a place you just drop into, although you could walk by and take a look in the window and see how packed it is. Save yourself the hassle and make a reservation on their website through Resy.

✧ Price: $$$

✧ Location: 130 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

✧ Avant Garden website  ✧ Menu  ✧  Directions - Google maps ✧

A carrot-based seasonal toast.

A carrot-based seasonal toast.

Scorched Cauliflower

Scorched Cauliflower

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