The Best Links of the Week: December 8, 2018

Photo by  kazuend  on  Unsplash

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Should Vegans Have the Same Protections as Religious People? A 'Landmark' Case Will Decide [EcoWatch]

Poor Nutrition More Dangerous Than Pollution and Smoking, Says Global Report [One Green Planet]

I Detoxed My Home from Plastic and It’s Going to Save Me Thousands of Dollars [Well + Good]

Can The Green New Deal Save Civilization From Climate Change Catastrophe? [Gothamist]

How to Tell If Your Garbage Mood Is Really Seasonal Affective Disorder [Well + Good]

Clues Your Body Is Compensating for a Weak Core And How to Deal [Well + Good]

PETA Is Right And All Of You Need To Stop Revving A Dead Porsche [BuzzFeed]

Why the black market for cacti and succulents is booming [mother nature network]

Essential Oils That Can Calm Emotional Inflammation on the Spot [Well + Good]

In World First, Luxembourg to Make All Public Transportation Free [Eco Watch]

13 Of The Best Organic Plant-Based Probiotic Building Foods [Sivana East]

How To Promote Fertility With Diet & Lifestyle Changes [mindbodygreen]

How to Make Sure Your Humidifier Isn’t Making You Sick [Well + Good]

Does Age Really Matter? New Science Says Maybe Not [mindbodygreen]

Your Coffee Habit Might Be Making Your Anxiety Worse [Well + Good]

How to Network When In-Person Contact Stresses You Out [Lifehacker]

Why Synbiotics Are Important For Your Microbiome [mindbodygreen]

California Now Requires Solar Panels on All New Homes [Futurism]

Why does snow make the world so quiet? [mother nature network]

Are People Judging You For Your Messy Desk? [mindbodygreen]

Why You Can't Stop Creating Problems in Your Mind [Medium]

Can New Research Validate Women’s Pain? [Medium]

Greenland Melting Is ‘Off the Charts’ [Eco Watch]

Why gut-friendly foods are a top trend [Food Dive]

Can Kombucha Make You Sick? [Medium]

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