The Best Links of the Week: December 15, 2018

Photo by  Julian Howard  on  Unsplash

There's a massive ecosystem twice the size of the world's oceans beneath our feet [mother nature network]

Great Barrier Reefs Resist Back-to-Back Bleaching Events Through ‘Ecological Memory’ [EcoWatch]

The Science Behind Hemp Oil's Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Anxiety Properties [mindbodygreen]

How Peppermint Oil Can Help Ease Digestion and Improve Stress [One Green Planet]

This Is What Actually Happens to Your Gut When You’re Stressed Out [Well + Good]

1,000+ Youth Activists Storm Capitol to Demand Green New Deal [EcoWatch]

How To Make Sure Your Plants Don't Die When You're Away [mindbodygreen]

New Research: Screen Time Is Literally Changing Children's Brains [Futurism]

How To End A Family Argument, According To A Therapist [mindbodygreen]

Beautiful New Images Show Clouds of Dust Forming Into Planets [Futurism]

Myths About Going Plastic-Free You Need To Know About [mindbodygreen]

Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak rattles food, grocery industries [Food Dive]

Green Groups Sue to Get Giraffes on Endangered Species List [EcoWatch]

All the Reasons Why You Still Need Sunlight in the Winter [Well & Good]

Getting Too Much Sleep Can Harm Your Health [mindbodygreen]

Lessons From Being A Reiki Master In Hospice [Sivana East]

How to Become a Powerful Good Luck Magnet [Medium]

Kate Middleton’s Mom Goes Vegan [One Green Planet]

Our Relationships Are Mirrors for Ourselves [Medium]

Time Crystals: Matter in Four Dimensions [Medium]

How to Be More Mindful at Work [New York Times]

Breathing in the Light [Better Humans]

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