The Best Links of the Week: December 1, 2018

Photo by  Jeremy Thomas  on  Unsplash

Inside The Incredible Underground Garden That Grows Greens & Herbs For NYC Restaurants [Gothamist]

Types of Hidden Sugars and How to Combat Your Cravings with Plant-Based Foods [One Green Planet]

Olive Leaf Extract Is an Anti-Inflammatory Wonder You’re Probably Overlooking [Well + Good]

Have Anxiety About The Future Of Our Planet? Here's How To Cope [mindbodygreen]

Picking Up a Journaling Habit Is Basically a Gift to Your Mental Health [Well + Good]

Natural Cold Remedies: 10 Fast & Healthy Options To Keep On Hand [mindbodgreen]

Heather Mills to Create “Silicon Valley” of Vegan Food Businesses [One Green Planet]

Am I an Artist? (When is it okay to start calling yourself an Artist?) [Daily Connect]

How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind ,  from a Former Insider [Thrive Global]

Stimulating This Part of the Brain Alleviates Depression Symptoms [Futurism]

How to Work From Home Without Falling Into a Pit of Despair [LifeHacker]

These 5 backyard birds can teach you bird language [mother nature network]

What You Need To Know About The U.S. Climate Report [mindbodygreen]

Bra vs. No Bra: Experts Weigh in on the Great Boob Debate [Well + Good]

Your Desk Job Might Be Causing Your Horrible Headaches [Well + Good]

How to reduce packaging when ordering online [mother nature network]

A 1-Day Detox To Get Your Digestion Back On Track [mindbodygreen]

Here's How To Clean Your Bathroom Without Toxins [mindbodygreen]

The Last Four Years Were Likely the Hottest on Record [EcoWatch]

Here's why lettuce keeps getting contaminated with E. coli [CBC]

What I Learned From A Month Without Alcohol [The Startup]

Lettuce Recall Is a Wake Up Call for Food Safety [Eco Watch]

How to Stop Using So Much Disposable Plastic [LifeHacker]

It’s Our Fault Florida’s Ecosystem is Ruined [Medium]

Herbs That Help Balance Your Hormones [CureJoy]

Grocery Store Apples Are How Old?! [Well + Good]

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