The Best Links of the Week: November 24, 2018

Photo by  Josh Wilburne  on  Unsplash

If Your Brain Is Better at Imploding Than Computation, You Might Suffer From Math Trauma [Well + Good]

Tofurky Wants to Save the World, One Thanksgiving Roast at a Time. It's Now Sold 5 Million [Fortune]

Epsom Salts: A Favorite Remedy For Anxiety, Inflammation & Insomnia [mindbodygreen]

How to Wait in Line Without Turning Into a Horrible Shell of a Human [Well + Good]

Gravitational Waves Could Solve a Cosmological Crisis Within Five Years [Medium]

The Simple Mindset Shift That Could Help Reduce Physical Pain [mindbodygreen]

Ireland to Become World's First Country to Divest From Fossil Fuels [EcoWatch]

Can Killer Robots Help Save the Great Barrier Reef? [Medium Environment]

Why Pores Seem to Grow in Size Over the Course of the Day [Well + Good]

Startups targeting food waste reduction raise $125M this year [Food Dive]

Smoke Is a Big Health Risk as California Wildfires Rage On [EcoWatch]

Jaw Tension Could Be Behind That Mysterious Breakout [Well + Good]

Does the Dishwasher or Hand Washing Use Less Water? [Well + Good]

Plant-based food maker Beyond Meat files for $100M IPO [Food Dive]

5 Key Nutrients Found in Fall Fruits and Veggies [One Green Planet]

Tackling Climate Change Requires Healing the Divide [EcoWatch]

Tofurky moves to the center of the Thanksgiving feast [Food Dive]

3 Steps To Radically Increase Your Intuition [mindbodygreen]

Japan Begins to Embrace the 100-Year Life [Financial Times]

12 non-threatening leadership strategies for women [GOOD]

All These Flaws You See In Yourself Aren’t Real [Medium]

What We Know About Wildfires in California [EcoWatch]

Why CBD Oil Is My Sleep Aid of Choice [Medium]

Self-Care For The Self-Hating [The Ascent]

The Art of Woke Wellness [Medium]

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