Best Links of the Week: August 3, 2019

Stuart Guest-Smith via  Unsplash

Stuart Guest-Smith via Unsplash

Can You Wear Out Your Birkenstocks, or Are They Totally Invincible? A Podiatrist Weighs In [Well + Good]

Eating A Plant-Based Diet Can Slash Diabetes Risk By 23%, Say Scientists [Plant-Based News]

Tofurky lawsuit: Arkansas 'meat' labeling law violates right to free speech [Food Dive]

Recent Rise of Drug-Resistant Superbug Could Be Due to Climate Crisis [EcoWatch]

How the Beauty Industry Is Confronting Its Relationship With Waste [Well + Good]

Cigarette butts are the most pervasive man-made pollutant [One Green Planet]

Two dead stars are locked in a timeless embrace [mother nature network]

Aspartame Still Hasn’t Been Proven Safe to Eat, Say Scientists [Futurism]

New York Is Officially the First State to Ban Cat Declawing [EcoWatch]

What Would Happen If The World Stopped Eating Meat? [LiveKindly]

Compelling Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Smoothie [CureJoy]

Chia seeds are small, but their growth is big [Food Dive]

Can Gut Bacteria Heal Food Allergies? [Elemental]

Can You Hack Into Your Creativity? [Elemental]