Best Links of the Week: August 10, 2019

Airports Don't Need To Be Stressful—Here's How To Stay Calm During Travel Chaos [mindbodygreen]

The 4 Distinguishing Traits of Highly Sensitive People Who ‘Just Have a Lot of Feelings’ [Well + Good]

A Plant-Based Diet Can Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, If You Do It Correctly [EcoWatch]

A Shift to Vegetarian Diets Is Needed to Save the World, Climate Scientists Say [EcoWatch]

We All Have Childhood Wounds — Here's How To Heal Your Inner Child [mindbodygreen]

The Health Risks Of Acid-Blocking Heartburn Drugs & Safe Alternatives [mindbodygreen]

Do You Need A Liver Cleanse? Here Are 5 Ways To Detox Naturally [mindbodygreen]

Eating Raw Organic Produce Can Give Your Gut a Healthy Boost [EcoWatch]

Should GMOs be allowed in organic food? USDA sparks debate [Food Dive]

How Your Dish Detergent May Be Messing With Your Gut [mindbodygreen]

Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in one day [mother nature network]

6 Ayurvedic Secrets To Staying Cool This Summer [mindbodygreen]

Costa Rica Powered by Nearly 100% Renewable Energy [EcoWatch]

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry [Outside]

Why A Vegan Diet Is Better For The Environment [LiveKindly]

How to make your own vinegar at home [Popular Science]

6 Things To Bring On A 15-Hour Flight [mindbodygreen]

The Future of the City Is Childless [The Atlantic]

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