Best Links of the Week: July 6, 2019

Photo by  Christian puta  on  Unsplash

Intuitive Eating Has Been Around Since the '70s—Here's Why a Dietitian Says You Should Give It a Try [Well + Good]

Planting Billions of Trees Is the 'Best Climate Change Solution Available Today,' Study Finds [EcoWatch]

How to Navigate Protests and Activism When Big Crowds Trigger Your Anxiety [Well + Good]

Exactly What’s in the New ‘Meatier’ Beyond Burger and Is It Healthy? [EcoWatch]

Plastic Is Causing An Environmental Emergency In Bali [Plant Based News]

Regenerative Farming Is Happening In Our Oceans, Too [mindbodygreen]

Anchorage, Alaska Hit 90 Degrees for First Time on July 4th [EcoWatch]

How ‘Digital Nomads’ Game the System to Work in Paradise [OneZero]

U.S. Meteorologists 'Deeply Concerned' Over 5G Roll-Out [EcoWatch]

Why not wearing shoes does a body good [mother nature network]

How to get rid of roaches naturally [mother nature network]

These are the seeds of a revolution. [New York Times]

Herbs That Help Balance Your Hormones [CureJoy]

We Need to Slow Down Communication [OneZero]

The Art and Science of Remembering [Elemental]

Gardening Fixes Everything [Medium]