Best Links of the Week: June 29, 2019

Photo by  Irene Dávila  on  Unsplash

Two Hours a Week in Nature Can Boost Your Health and Well-Being, Research Finds [EcoWatch]

Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon and is 2x as healthy as kale [Independent]

How Social Media Often Supports Animal Cruelty and the Illegal Pet Trade [EcoWatch]

Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors [Arch20]

I Freed Myself From The Need To Control And It Transformed My Life [The Ascent]

Gut Bacteria Is Associated With Chronic Pain For The First Time [mindbodygreen]

I Don’t Feel Interesting, Cool, or Funny Enough for My Friends [Well + Good]

We broke down what climate change will do, region by region [Grist]

Here's An Easy Way To Clone Your Favorite Plants [mindbodygreen]

UV Damage & Nails: What To Know & What To Do [mindbodygreen]

Women With Lots Of House Plants Are Happier & Live Longer [hit]

The Power of Making Magic Moments for Others [The Startup]

Volunteering Is the Best Kept Secret for Mental Health [Vice]

Top 10 Moringa Benefits You Didn’t Know About [CureJoy]

When Staying Composed Harms Your Health [Elemental]

Our Beef With the GMO Impossible Burger [EcoWatch]

Can gut bacteria cause autism (in mice)? [Medium]

How to Get People Invested in You [Game of Self]

The Emerging Science of Saunas [Elemental]

How to identify a tree by its bark [EcoWatch]

Are Picky Eaters Born or Made? [Medium]