Best Links of the Week: November 9, 2019

Photo by  Aaron Burden  on  Unsplash

New Study Finds Deep Sleep Washes Your Brain & May Prevent Alzheimer's [mindbodygreen]

Unexpected Ways To Practice Gratitude (That Aren't Journaling) [mindbodygreen]

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness [The Guardian]

The sudden, surprising rise of the single positivity movement [The Guardian]

This Startup Is Aging Red Wine on the International Space Station [Futurism]

Environmental Scientists Want Help Coping With Their Grief [EcoWatch]

How To Keep Your Energy High During Fall & Winter [mindbodygreen]

How deep sleep scrubs your brain of toxins [mother nature network]

Exactly How Poor Sleep Hurts Your Gut Health [mindbodygreen]

Caffeine-Free Teas To Help Eliminate Bloat [mindbodygreen]

The Twisted History Of Milk In America [Plant Based News]

6 Ways to ‘Quiet’ Your Brain and Live Longer [EcoWatch]

What Causes Inner Emptiness? [mindbodygreen]

5 Things You Should Do Before Lunch [Medium]

6 Telltale Signs You’re an Empath [Well + Good]

Feeling Stuck Is an Illusion [Human Parts]

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