Best Links of the Week: November 2, 2019

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How a Plant-Based Diet Can Reduce High Blood Pressure and Cognitive Decline [mindbodygreen]

Could the black hole at the heart of our galaxy actually be a wormhole? [mother nature network]

Health Benefits Of Eating Quinoa, The Nutrient-Dense, Gluten-Free Seed [mindbodygreen]

The best way to solve a problem really may be to sleep on it [mother nature network]

The Connection Between Your Brain Health & Physical Movement [mindbodygreen]

Research Finds A New Link Between Sun Exposure & Gut Health [mindbodygreen]

How To Avoid Endocrine Disruptors, According To The Experts [The Good Trade]

How Bad is Amazon’s Prime Shipping for the Environment? [One Green Planet]

Here's How 20 Years of Office Work Will Disfigure the Human Body [Futurism]

The Simple Way To Make Roasted Veggies Way Healthier [mindbodygreen]

Good News: The Ozone Hole Is Smaller Than We’ve Ever Seen It [Futurism]

Ways To Practice Active Meditation If You Can't Sit Still [mindbodygreen]

Thinking deep thoughts has impact on life span [mother nature network]

3 Ways To Stay Balanced During Seasonal Changes [mindbodygreen]

The Case for Being Okay With Being Bad at Things [Well + Good]

How to share Earth with other animals [mother nature network]

Benefits Of Ear Seeds & How To Use Them [mindbodygreen]

To Be More Productive, Hack Your Sense of Time [Forge]

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