Best Links of the Week: September 29, 2018

How the Remnants of Human Poop Could Help Archaeologists Study Ancient Populations [Smithsonian]

You have a personal cloud of particles and bugs that follows you everywhere [mother nature network]

6 Ways Sugar Affects Your Brain, According to Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD [Well + Good]

The Lymphatic System: What It Does — And How To Keep Yours Healthy [mindbodygreen]

These electric-blue night clouds are expanding around the globe [mother nature network]

There’s a Solid (Psychology-Backed) Reason to Stop Interrupting People [Well + Good]

How To Use Rosemary Oil To Help With Hair Loss, In Skin Care & More [mindbodygreen]

Here's Why You Fall Asleep During Meditation (and 8 Ways to Stop) [Well + Good]

How To Balance Your Hormones With Simple Lifestyle Changes [mindbodygreen]

Germany Just Rolled Out the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Trains [Futurism]

Avoiding Lectins: How To Heal Your Gut & Avoid Inflammation [mindbodygreen]

Why Quitting Junk Food Can Feel Similar To Quitting Drugs [mindbodygreen]

Healthy Relationships Have Boundaries. Here's How to Set Them [Broadly]

These digital detox sunglasses make screens look blank [Fast Company]

10 Simple Ways To Stop Craving Carbs All The Time [mindbodygreen]

How To Know If Your Essential Oils Have Expired [mindbodygreen]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Gut-Acne Connection [Well + Good]

Urban bees are living healthier lives than rural bees [Quartz]

On the Attack Against Climate Change [New York Times]

How to Make Rosewater [mother nature network]

This Is How I Found Peacefulness [Medium]

How to Sleep Like a Boss [Medium]

What Meditation Isn’t [Medium]

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