Best Links of the Week: October 6, 2018

Photo by  David Clode  on  Unsplash

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

The market for marijuana-infused beverages could explode to $600 million in the next four years [Business Insider]

The solution to plastic pollution isn't beach clean-ups, it's companies taking responsibility [mother nature network]

Justin Timberlake’s Family Believes Energy Healer Charlie Goldsmith Helped Stepdad’s Dementia [Us Weekly]

Your Electronics Impact Your Home, Office, And Health In Surprisingly Harmful Ways [Sivana East]

Plastic-eating mushrooms are the new superheroes in combating the growing waste crisis [inhabitat]

Here are the details of N.J.'s new legal weed bill, including delivery and smoking lounges []

Rinsing Your Face With Sparkling Water Could Upgrade Your Skin-Care Regimen [Well + Good]

Warming ocean waters intensified devastating 2017 Atlantic hurricane season [Washington Post]

Don’t Throw Away Your Orange Peels, They Make an Amazing Aromatic Cleaner [Well + Good]

Inflammation Is At The Root Of My Anxiety. Here's What I'm Doing About It [mindbodygreen]

How to Create Any Habit With Advice From the Four Greatest Habit Masters [Better Humans]

Seeking America’s Quietest Spots: The Quest for Silence in a Loud World [New York Times]

How To Lower Cortisol Levels When You're Feeling Stressed & Anxious [mindbodygreen]

Millions of birds die in collisions each year, but lights could change that [Purdue]

Gisele: The One Thing That Actually Helped With My Anxiety [mindbodygreen]

This Vegan Egg Just Outsold Actual Eggs in Retail Market [One Green Planet]

What Just 10 Minutes Of Exercise Can Do For Your Memory [mindbodygreen]

California Passes Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics [One Green Planet]

Cities say 'lights out' to help migrating birds [mother nature network]

17 Signs You've Finally Healed Your Inflammation [mindbodygreen]

Booze Can Totally Change Your Body Odor [Well + Good]

Ways To Prevent Muscle Loss With Age [CureJoy]

How to Grow Edible Bamboo [One Green Planet]

How to Make a Dent in the Universe [Medium]

The Metaphysics of Defeating Trump [Medium]

The Benefits of Hugging [Well + Good]

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