Best Links of the Week: April 14, 2018

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Study Finds People Consume 100 Plastic Particles Every Meal Because It’s Literally in the Air [One Green Planet]

Coral reefs are in crisis – but scientists are finding effective ways to restore them [The Conversation]

Microsoft just signed the largest corporate solar agreement in US history [World Economic Forum]

Come Down With Something on Vacay? Here's How to *Not* Let it Ruin Your Trip [Well + Good]

Study says meat protein is unhealthy, but protein from nuts and seeds is heart smart [EurekAlert]

Food packaging could be negatively affecting nutrient absorption in your body [Science Daily]

Tech Gives Us More Health Info Than Ever. That Could Be Making Us Paranoid. [Futurism]

Scientists have proposed three colossal geoengineering projects to slow polar melting [WEF]

The 10-Year Baby Window That Is the Key to the Women’s Pay Gap [New York Times]

Vegetables may help protect elderly women from hardening neck arteries [EurekAlert]

Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit [New York Times]

How the Patriarchy Stole Friday the 13th from Women and Made It Evil [Broadly]

Older adults grow just as many new brain cells as young people [Science Daily]

Old Electronics Could Be More Profitable Than Literal Gold Mines [Futurism]

Smartphones Are Killing The Planet Faster Than Anyone Expected [Fast Co]

You Should Probably Consider Breathwork With A Partner [mindbodygreen]

A Beginner’s Guide to Magickal Healing Crystals and What They Do [Allure]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Toxic, Low-Vibe People [Well + Good]

8 Shows on Netflix That Will Soothe Your Anxiety-Ridden Soul [Broadly]

Raising eyebrows: how evolution gave us expressive faces [The Guardian]

How the Cattle Industry Is Fighting Against #FakeMeat [Mel Magazine]

Earth’s Wonders Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before [Planet Stories]

A Phone Setup That Will Make You More Mindful [Better Humans]

The Shocking Truth About Food and Inflammation [Thrive Global]

To Treat Pain, PTSD And Other Ills, Some Vets Try Tai Chi [NPR]

The Gender Pay Gap Actually Starts When We’re 14 [Broadly]

How to Stop Playing The Blame Game (and Win) [Medium]

7 Ways Gardens Make People Healthier [One Green Planet]

6 Hormone-Balancing Rules To Live By [mindbodygreen]

Why you need to be eating Hemp Hearts [Thrive Global]

Sugar tax: what you need to know [The Conversation]

A Scientist’s Guide to Eating for Brain Health [goop]

Stop Giving Toxic People Your Time [Darius Foroux]

You’re Not Unmotivated — You’re Afraid [Medium]