Little Choc Apothecary Review — Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Little Choc Apothecary - Best Vibes Ever

One thing that I always remember about this place is that it feels like you're walking into an open, West Coast-like coffee shop instead of a spot in the heart of Williamsburg. The staff is always knowledgable and their friendly nature is so inviting. I never feel like I'm being rushed in or out of Little Choc, which is nice for NYC!

The Best Vibes Ever Guide to Little Choc Apothecary

Best Vibes Ever - Little Choc Interior

✧  What to order: The crepes. You'd be silly not to. Shout out to the pizza crepe, my personal favorite. The juices, ice cream, and cacao balls are all must-try's, too.

✧ The Vibe: Cozy, hipster-y, eco-friendly, vintage, earthy.

✧ What to Expect: There are a ton of options for the crepes, so take your time with the menu (or maybe take a look in advance). Luckily, they've divided the crepes into sweet and savory, so you'll find something you like regardless of what you're in the mood for.

It may look small when you walk in, but there's seating upstairs. You can usually find a table here but be weary of weekend brunch, which is the most popular time.

✧ Dietary restrictions: It's entirely vegan and has some options that are gluten-free, just ask!

✧ Portion control: These crepes are actually quite filling. The first time we went we split 3 crepes between two of us and it was WAY too much food. I recommend one crepe per person, unless you really want to go there. The juices are large, also, and the desserts are on the small side. Hopefully this will help you when you go!

✧ Hacks or tips:  Join their mailing list and be privy to all of the workshops and events there, there's a ton of educational series and even vegan speed dating (!). Also, you'll get a discount emailed to you on your birthday!

✧ Location: 141 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

✧ Little Choc Apothecary website ✧  Menu ✧ Directions - Google maps ✧ 

Little Choc Apothecary - Best Vibes Ever
Little Choc Apothecary - Best Vibes Ever
Little Choc Dessert Menu - Best Vibes Ever