How to Roll a Rose Blunt

via volvob12b/  Flickr

via volvob12b/ Flickr

Rose petal joints. Rose blunts. Flower j's. Whatever you call 'em, they're super on trend right now. While there's no evidence that smoking roses is better or worse for you than your average, run-of-the-mill rolling papers, it is at least noteworthy that it's a natural alternative (depending on the sourcing of roses, of course).

So, how do you master such a wonderous thing? Follow the four easy steps below...

How to Roll A Rose Joint With Rose Petals:

via  @900K3D

Step one: Pluck 3 or 4 petals from the flower per blunt you're planning to make.

Step two: On a baking sheet, place the petals on top of each other, so that they make a continuous "rolling paper." Place in oven for enough time to wick the moisture out of the petals. (A dehydrator works really well for this, too.)

Step three: Let cool and then fill with marijuana.

Step four: Roll blunt as you would roll any other blunt, being careful not to allow the petals to separate while rolling. It may take some caressing or a few tries to get there, but don't give up!



For the visual learners (like myself) I've included a tweet I found recently that does a good job showing the process:

Have you ever tried rolling your own rose petal blunt? How about a joint made from anything other than rolling papers?  Give us your tips in the comments below!