Book Club: Trust Your Vibes

Best Vibes Ever Book Club: Trust Your Vibes

By Sonia Choquette

Why I first picked up the book: You know, a book can only be recommended so many times before you have to pick it up. I had seen this on many spiritual leaders' lists for beginners in the spiritual world but never managed to order it on Amazon. One day while browsing through the metaphysical books at House of Intuition the book practically popped out at me. Maybe it was the colors, maybe it was divine intervention. ;)

This book is good for: Anyone looking to deepen their intuition, be reassured that they're normal, and to better connect with their higher self.


A few select quotes:

“When we trust our vibes, we restore our balance and experience within—which, ultimately, leads to peace without.” 

“Amazing things happen when you get enough sleep, eat properly, and take it easy. Your nerve endings relax, and your spirit, or the six-sensory part of you, rejuvenates and begins to shine light on your path.”

“Synchronicities are not flukes or random events - they’re intentional reflections of our intuition working with the perfect order of all things in the unseen world. It’s why fish swim upstream, birds fly south, and bears hibernate. Everything in nature intuitively gravitates toward what best serves its growth, and that includes the human race. The only difference is that we have the choice to follow our intuition or not. So if you want your sixth sense to work, stop resisting your vibes, and change the rules you live by instead.” 


Favorite chapters:

Part I, #2: "The Six Sense is Common Sense"

Part II, #12, "Lighten Up"

Part IV, #19 Fake It Til You Make It


Final thoughts: This book is well worth a read for anyone who feels even the littlest bit intuitive. There are a lot of "oh, so I'm *not* crazy" moments throughout, and it's chock-full of good advice. Pick up your own copy here!


Have you read this book? I'm so curious to know your thoughts!