Book Club: The Encyclopedia of Crystals

Best Vibes Ever Book Club: The Encyclopedia of Crystals

By Judy Hall

Why I first picked up the book: If you promise not to judge me for the following, I must admit that I judged this book by its cover. But why not? It's a beautiful one! I'm happy to report that these colorful stones are on every page throughout the book.

This book is good for: Crystal lovers and crystal novices alike.

What's different about it: First of all, the book is arranged by color, so it's a beautiful book to thumb through. It's also easy for beginners who don't know how to classify crystals and minerals beyond the colors. For each stone the book lists the crystal system, chemistry, hardness, source, chakra, and the benefits. (There's also an index, too, in case you'd prefer to look something up directly.) 

Final thoughts: This is a wonderful reference to have on hand. You can get lost in it for hours. Pick up a copy here!