Best Links of the Week: September 21, 2019

Photo by  Eric Lagergren  on  Unsplash

Ever Notice That Garlic and Onions Are in Just About Everything? There’s a Nutritional Reason for That [Well + Good]

The Power Of Sound: How Certain Sounds Can Boost Mental & Physical Health [mindbodygreen]

How to Use Trigger Point Therapy To Dissolve Even the Most Stubborn Knots [Well + Good]

A giant pumice stone floating in the Pacific could help heal the Great Barrier Reef [CNN]

Have High Blood Pressure? You May Want To Cut Back On Mouthwash [mindbodygreen]

10 Eco-Friendly Furniture Sources For A Stylish & Conscious Home [The Good Trade]

Exactly How Sugar Depletes Your Brain, According To New Study [mindbodygreen]

Clean Water Act changes put wetlands in the crosshairs [mother nature network]

The full moon influences our energy. But what does it mean? [AZULIK]

5 ways your diet affects neurological health [mother nature network]

13 likely health benefits of drinking tea [mother nature network]

Bring Back Handwriting: It’s Good for Your Brain [Elemental]

Some People Don’t Like You and That’s Okay [Medium]

Follow These Tips to Cut Back on Food Waste [Heated]

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