Best Links of the Week: May 18, 2019

Photo by  Inactive.  on  Unsplash

Photo by Inactive. on Unsplash

Fast-Food Giants 'Must Add Vegan Options - Or Face Consequences', Says Report [Plant Based News]

What "Synchronicity" Really Means—& How To Recognize When It Happens [mindbodygreen]

The Ethical Dilemma of Teaching Kids How the Sausage Gets Made [Human Parts]

Vegan Brand Debuts 'Climate Positive' Sneaker Collection [Plant Based News]

The secret to staying safe while hiking is preparation [mother nature network]

Why We Need To Rethink The Way We Talk About Anger [mindbodygreen]

9 unusual ways air pollution harms your health [mother nature network]

Nearly All National Parks Are Suffering From Air Pollution [EcoWatch]

Why I Stopped Using Exclamation Points In Emails [The Good Trade]

How to Clear Your Mental Clutter in 10 Minutes or Less [Livestrong]

Why you need acquaintances, not just BFFs [mother nature network]

Other animals have 'human' emotions, too [mother nature network]

Why Sunflowers Are So Green for the Garden [One Green Planet]

What are the different types of lightning? [mother nature network]

Scientists Create First Ever Map of ‘Wood Wide Web’ [EcoWatch]

How to Change Negative Thinking Patterns for Good [Medium]

How to keep produce fresh as long as possible [Popular Science]

Why You Should Consider A "Walking Meditation" [Medium]

The universe is expanding faster than we thought [CNN]

The Evolving Science of Pot and Appetite [Elemental]

How To Manage Career Anxiety [The Good Trade]