Best Links of the Week: March 23, 2019

Photo by  Katarzyna Pe  on  Unsplash

Meet 'Steve,' the rare celestial phenomenon lighting up the skies over Canada [mother nature network]

Is Vegan Consciousness A Pathway To A Peaceful And Sustainable Future? [Plant Based News]

I Detoxed My Home From Plastic and It’s Going to Save Me Thousands of Dollars [Well + Good]

Marijuana Is More Than Just THC: A Look at the Untapped Healing Compounds [EcoWatch]

How To Deep Clean Your Old, Tired Blender So It's Sparkly Clean Again [mindbodygreen]

Everybody Wants EV Charging Stations, Almost Nobody Wants to Build Them [EcoWatch]

The Mind-Skin Connection & The World Of Psychodermatology [mindbodygreen]

It's Officially Spring, Celebrate With These 5 Self-Care Rituals [mindbodygreen]

5 Ways To Make Your Spiritual Practices More Sustainable [mindbodygreen]

Researchers Found a Way to Levitate Objects Using Only Light [Futurism]

California Superbloom Is One Town’s #PoppyNightmare [EcoWatch]

Impulse snack purchases decline as shopping goes online [Food Dive]

Second U.S. Jury Finds That Roundup Causes Cancer [EcoWatch]

Marijuana Is the Fastest Growing Job Sector in the U.S. [Futurism]

Jelly Belly creator launches CBD-infused jelly beans [Food Dive]

Study: Sugar-sweetened drinks increase risk of death [Food Dive]

20 New Advances in the Science of Aging [Elysium Health]

Why I Ditched the Gym for YouTube [Medium]