Best Links of the Week: August 11, 2018

Scientists Discovered Plastic Releases One of the Strongest Greenhouse Gases When it Breaks Down [One Green Planet]

Even the smallest urban green spaces can have a big impact on mental health [mother nature network]

Is Your Ear Wax Normal? Here's What the Sticky Stuff Can Tell You About Your Health [Well + Good]

Photo Reveals the Shocking Link Between Animal Agriculture and Deforestation [One Green Planet]

You Can Turn Anything Into A Spiritual Experience (Yes, Even Waiting In Lines)  [mindbodygreen]

Figuring out How Fast the Universe Is Expanding Might Require a New Type of Physics [Futurism]

How to Plan the Perfect Healthy Day, According to Traditional Chinese Medicine [Well + Good]

Working from Home Makes Companies Greener and Saves a Bunch of Money [Medium]

Princess Eugenia to Have a Distinctly Plastic-Free Royal Wedding [One Green Planet]

Geoengineering Would Hurt Earth’s Crops More Than It Would Help Them,[Futurism]

Some Bacteria Are Becoming 'More Tolerant' Of Hand Sanitizers, Study Finds [NPR]

5 Practices To Shield And Cleanse Yourself From Negative Energies [Sivana East]

Ghost peppers are saving U.S. grasslands—by scaring off hungry mice [Science]

This Practice Will Help You Identify The Root Of Your Anxiety [mindbodygreen]

Blue crystals spill the beans on sun's wild past [mother nature network]

China's forest city will soon gobble up carbon [mother nature network]

If you really want to save the world, just give [mother nature network]

7 Reusable Items You Should Always Have Around [mindbodygreen]

How to Absorb More Nutrients from Your Food [Kimberley Snyder]

10 Ways to Sleep Better When It’s Hot AF [Pure Wow]

How to Manage Your Inner Critic [Better Humans]

The Five Separations of Body Image [Medium]

The 5 Best Places to Live in 2100 [Medium]

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