Best Links of the Week: July 21, 2018

Photo by  Jeremy Ricketts  on  Unsplash


Judge allows lawsuits claiming Monsanto weed killer Roundup causes cancer to go forward [NBC News]

The First Thing You Should Do When You Get Off a Plane, According to Health Pros [Well + Good]

Why 'Live Like A Local' Is Actually Brilliant Advice — And How To Really Do It [mindbodygreen]

Hypnosis May Actually Help With Inflammation, Gut Health & Anxiety [mindbodygreen]

Astronomers just discovered a dozen more moons around Jupiter [mother nature network]

We Can’t Choose How Others See Us (Because There Is No Absolute Reality [Medium]

Google and The UN Team Up To Study The Effects of Climate Change [Futurism]

Probiotics For Men: What Good Bacteria Can Do For Your Body [mindbodygreen]

Ireland to become first country to divest from fossil fuels [mother nature network]

An orange a day keeps macular degeneration away: 15-year study [Science Daily]

WeWork's Bold New Food Policy Is Taking Meat Off The Menu [mindbodygreen]

Why New York City Is Reporting Its Sustainability Progress to the UN [CityLab]

The Moral Cowardice of This Moment in American History [Eudiamonia & Co]

Now There's a Doula for Your Entire Life, From Birth to Death [Well + Good]

Houseplants Get Sunburns Too, Here's How To Save 'Em [mindbodygreen]

This tiny fern could help fight climate change [mother nature network]

About Half of Americans Say They're Trying to Lose Weight [TIME]

10 Food Strategies To Rebalance The Root Chakra [Sivana East]

Students make vegan wool from coconut and hemp [Veg News]

10 Things To Do For Clear, Glowing Skin [mindbodygreen]

5 Eastern-Inspired Ways To Bust A Bad Mood [Sivana East]

When to Get Your Bone Density Tested [New York Times]

Ikigai: The Perfect Career Diagnostic [Ideas Into Action]

How to Survive Your Creative Despondency [Medium]

The Ways In Which We Warp Attraction [Medium]

‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice [The Atlantic]

What To Do When You Don’t Care [Medium]