Best Links of the Week: May 26, 2018

Photo by  Sergey Shmidt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

Study Finds Meatless Monday Program Has Reduced Emissions Equivalent to Driving 1.4 Billion Miles in Just 5 Years [One Green Planet]

Why Coconut Oil Pulling May Be The Secret To Whiter Teeth & Better Digestion [mindbodygreen]

The Yogi masters were right – breathing exercises can sharpen your mind [Trinity College Dublin]

Quantum Dots Synthesized From Tea Leaves Could Be The Future Of Nanomedicine [Futurism]

Sprints: The Secret Productivity Technique to Getting More Done in Less Time [The Startup]

This Study Confirms How Important Forgiveness Is. Here's How To Do It [mindbodygreen]

Avoiding the car for travel could significantly lower risk of illness and death [EurekAlert]

You Won’t Like The Consequences Of Making Pluto A Planet Again [Starts With A Bang]

Every Question You Ever Had About Going Gluten-Free — Answered [mindbodygreen]

Feeling Stuck in Life? How To Take Your Life From Stuck to Awesome [Thrive Global]

How to Deal With Digestive Difficulties on a Plant-Based Diet [One Green Planet]

Photos hidden for 40 years reveal life in NYC's parks [mother nature network]

Elon Musk Has a Plan to Get You Anywhere on Earth in An Hour [Futurism]

How to Study Smarter Not Harder and Retain More in Less Time [Medium]

A Zen Buddhist monk’s simple guide to clean spaces and tidy minds [Quartz]

The weird power of rising carbon dioxide to make rice less nutritious [Vox]

Brace yourself for a busy 2018 hurricane season [mother nature network]

Photographer captures real-life purple rain [mother nature network]

Study Finds CBD Drug Epidiolex Reduces Seizures by 42% [Leafly]

How Climate Change Is Threatening Our Health [mindbodygreen]

This Trick Will Make Your Houseplants Multiply [mindbodygreen]

Tired Brains See the World in a Very Different Way [Endpoints]

5 Sneaky Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out [The Newsette]

How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home [New York Times]

Here Are 20 Natural Anxiety Remedies [mindbodygreen]

What To Do When People Don’t Like You [The Mission]

How to Use Noise to Improve Your Creativity [Medium]

How What You Eat May Affect Your Brain Size [Time]

That Kombucha Looks Fabulous on You [NEO.LIFE]

Why Silence is the Think Tank of the Soul [Medium]

How safe are gel nails? [mother nature network]

How Income Affects the Brain [The Atlantic]

How to travel on a budget [Well + Good]

Existing in four dimensions [Medium]