Best Links of the Week: April 28th, 2018

Photo by  Anders Jildén  on  Unsplash

These space diamonds may hail from a planet that once existed in our solar system [mother nature network]

Researchers link sedentary behavior to thinning in brain region critical for memory [UCLA Newsroom]

My Experience With Intermittent Fasting: How Time-Restricted Eating Changed My Life [Medium]

Plant-Based Eating Continues to Dominate the Food & Wellness World in 2018 [Thrive Global]

No Animals Allowed: How a hardcore foodie went vegan and never turned back. [Substance]

Kombucha Drinkers: Your Gut-Friendly Habit May Cause Bloating and IBS [Well + Good]

A Look Inside The California Water Crisis That Nobody's Talking About [mindbodygreen]

With these maps, you can track migratory birds in near real time [mother nature network]

Scientific guidelines for using cannabis to treat stress, anxiety and depression [EurekAlert]

The Revolutionary Giant Ocean Cleanup Machine Is About To Set Sail [Fast Company]

Five Productivity Tips from CEO (and Factory Floor Sleeper) Elon Musk [Futurism]

How You Should Declutter Your Home, According To Feng Shui [mindbodygreen]

'White coat hypertension' may be sign of a real problem, study finds [NBC News]

Tell Me What You Say “Yes” To, And I’ll Tell You Who You Are [Thrive Global]

If You Want To Heal Your Life, You Have To Go Into Your Heart [The Mission]

Young people are about to utterly transform climate politics [The Nearly Now]

Digital addiction increases loneliness, anxiety and depression [SF State News]

How City Birds Evolved to Be Smarter Than Rural Birds [Aeon Magazine]

Berlin is the best city in the world for millennials [World Economic Forum]

Eating fruits and veggies may keep the blues away [mother nature network]

Youngs don’t have to worry about smoking too much weed [The Outline]

7 Myths & Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana [mindbodygreen]

Why You Might Need to Adjust Your Adaptogen Intake [Well + Good]

Top 10 Yoga Asanas For Neck Pain Relief In A Short Time [CureJoy]

What artificial sweeteners do to your health [mother nature network]

Bill Nye on the Science of Pot: ‘If it Works, Let’s Go’ [Rolling Stone]

How To Navigate Beauty Products With Rosacea [mindbodygreen]

Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger [mother nature network]

Healthiest eaters waste the most food [mother nature network]

What 4,300 hours of meditation has taught me [Get Healthy]

11 Ways to Stay Sober & Avoid Self- Sabotage [Medium]

A Feminist Weed Farmer's Guide to Growing [Broadly]

The #1 Thing I Did For My Finances [Cup of Jo]