Best Links of the Week: March 3, 2018


Eating vegetables, fruit and whole grains may combat depression, study suggests [The Telegraph]

Psychological and cerebral responses to music during real-life physical activity [Science Direct]

Vegan Olympians featured in anti-dairy Olympics closing ceremony commercial [Live Kindly]

Is Your Standing Desk Actually Good For You? Science Says Maybe Not [mindbodygreen]

C-Sections and Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Overweight Kids [New York Times]

China just built a 250-acre solar farm shaped like a giant panda [Business Insider]

The road to wisdom runs through hardship, study finds [Medical News Today]

Coral reefs at risk of dissolving as oceans get more acidic: study [Japan Times]

Weed Seems to Protect Your Liver From the Effects of Hard Drinking [Tonic]

Is It ‘Natural’? Consumers, and Lawyers, Want to Know [New York Times]

Eating fruits and veggies may keep the blues away [mother nature network]

'Ultra-processed' foods may increase risk of cancer [Medical News Today]

10 of the world's most wondrous natural arches [mother nature network]

How Different Egg Replacements Affect Your Food [one green planet]

Amazing Health Benefits Of Brahmi Tea For Your Health [CureJoy]

Deepak Chopra on the four intentions he lives by [mindbodygreen]

All You Wanted to Know About Soil pH [One Green Planet]

Can Wine Support A Healthy Weight? [mindbodygreen]

This city fights crime with gardening [Science Mag]

What's your favorite subreddit? [Lifehacker]

Benefits of rose oil [mindbodygreen]