Best Links of the Week: February 17, 2018


33 Things to Eat, Drink, See, and Do Before Climate Change Ruins Everything [Matter]

Scientists studying psychoactive drugs accidentally prove the self is an illusion [Quartz]

This Is How Cities Of The Future May Deal With Climate Change [mindbodygreen]

In Wine, There’s Health: Low Levels of Alcohol Good for the Brain [URMC]

Your guide to staying healthy through the rest of winter [mindbodygreen]

Big Data Suggests Big Potential for Urban Farming [CityLab]

Ultra-Processed Food Linked to Cancer, Study Says [Time]

Yoga Benefits Patients with Metabolic Syndrome [Wiley]

Your Cortex Contains 17 Billion Computers [The Spike]

China has sent 60,000 soldiers to plant trees [medium]

The Dutch have the best work-life balance [medium]

Six habits of a plant -care expert. [mindbodygreen]

Does dim light make us dumber? [MSU Today]

The best natural antibiotics [mindbodygreen]

Is citric acid bad for you? [Well and Good]

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