Best Links of the Week: December 29, 2018

Photo by  Manuel Will  on  Unsplash

Photo by Manuel Will on Unsplash

Increased parental interest in gut health of their children creates opportunities for prebiotics [Food Navigator]

How To Make Cleaning A Spiritual Experience, According To One Very Tidy Monk [mindbodygreen]

New York Power Plant Explosion Is Another Sign of the Urgent Need to Ditch Fossil Fuels [EcoWatch]

Is Histamine Intolerance Causing Your Fatigue, Headaches, Or Stomach Pain? [mindbodygreen]

I Learned the Most Important Thing About my Mind from a Children’s Book [Medium]

NYC Hospital Fights Chronic Health Problems With Vegan Diets [One Green Planet]

Could a Green New Deal Boost the Farm and Food Justice Movement? [EcoWatch]

How To Connect With Your Intuition For Clues About 2019 [mindbodygreen]

The TMI Reason I’ll Never Throw Radish Greens Away Again [Well + Good]

Your Christmas Tree Could Be Recycled Into Paint or Sweeteners [Futurism]

What The Time Of Day You Get Anxiety Says About You [mindbodygreen]

41 Things You Should Say “No” to for a Happier 2019 [The Startup]

A Constipation Plan To Get Things Moving STAT [mindbodygreen]

Cities Will Blend Together Into Giant Urban Regions [Medium]

How 300 farmers are saving NYC billions [The Fourth Wave]

The 14 Most Life-Changing Apps of 2018 [Thrive Global]

Buddhism as 21st century spiritual philosophy [Medium]

These Are Their Brains on Silence [Nautilus]

How to Be More Resilient [New York Times]

The Rise of Anxiety Baking [The Atlantic]

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