The Best Links of the Week: November 10, 2018

Photo by  Chris Lawton  on  Unsplash

Scientists transform sunlight into a liquid fuel that can be stored for 18 years [mother nature network]

How to Deal With Secondhand Trauma When Terrible Things Happen in the World [Well + Good]

Marijuana Expands Into 3 More States, But Nationwide Legalization Still Unlikely [EcoWatch]

Earth's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought [Science Daily]

You Might Have Heard About Leaky Gut, but What About Leaky Brain? [Well + Good]

Have Anxiety About The Future Of Our Planet? Here's How To Cope [mindbodygreen]

Vegan Chef to Open World’s First Raw Vegan Fast Food Restaurant [Vegan Magazine]

Election results: What ballot measures affecting food and grocery passed? [FoodDive]

Use This Psychological Trick to Train Your Brain into Loving Exercise [The Ascent]

Why Women Still Can't See Themselves Becoming Breadwinners [mindbodygreen]

Lyme disease predicted to rise in United States as climate warms [Science Daily]

Your Mucus Is Trying to Tell You Something About Your Health [Well + Good]

How to Know When It’s Time to Show People Your Creative Work [Medium]

5 Countries Control 70% of the World’s Remaining Wilderness [EcoWatch]

Energy Storage Is Coming, But Big Price Declines Still Needed [Predict]

How to stay healthy in the dark days of winter [mother nature network]

Where water goes after fracking is tied to earthquake risk [EurekAlert]

How eating more fat can improve your memory [Feed Your Brain]

This Caffeine Calculator Helps You Plan Your Day [Lifehacker]

More protection: UN says Earth’s ozone layer is healing [AP]

We Can Now Store Data in the Form of a Powder [Futurism]

Pieces Of Mars Have Landed On Earth [Starts With A Bang]

Could the Energy of Our Hearts Change the World? [goop]

The Next Big Thing in Health Is Your Exposome [Medium]

How to Manage Your Seasonal Depression [Lifehacker]

Who Killed Henry Ford’s Hemp Car? [Return to Now]

How to Actually De-Stress on the Weekend [Medium]

Why Do We Think Booze Is Healthy? [Medium]

Target Unveils Vegan Ice Cream [VegNews]

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