The Best Links of the Week: October 20, 2018

Flaxseed Oil: This Anti-Inflammatory Oil Is Great For Blood Sugar & Skin Health [mindbodygreen]

These California succulents are at the center of a massive smuggling ring [mother nature network]

“Daylighting” Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues Before Fall’s Even in Full Swing [Well + Good]

5 Accessible Self-Care Activities That You’re Definitely Not Too Busy to Enjoy [Well + Good]

“The Veil Is Thin” – Discover What It Means And Why It’s Important [Conscious Reminder]

Your sense of direction is intrinsically linked to your sense of smell [mother nature network]

Beaumont Costales Files Class Action Lawsuit Against LaCroix Water [EIN News Desk]

Climate Change and Gene Editing Are Spurring a Tech Boom in Agriculture [Futurism]

How 5 Young Healers and Creatives Claim Their Magic [The Alchemist’s Kitchen]

Effects of a high-fat diet may be passed on for three generations [Science Daily]

To Feed a Hungry Planet, We’re All Going to Need to Eat Less Meat [Futurism]

A Water Sommelier Shares Her Insider Hydration Knowledge [Well + Good]

I Tried To Do A Self-Care Ritual For 100 Nights Straight [mindbodygreen]

Over 90% of Salt in the World Contains Microplastics [One Green Planet]

Sprezzatura: The Art Of Making Difficult Things Look Simple [Medium]

Shenzhen is building a mile-long superhighway for trees [Fast Company]

Having lots of books as a kid helps later in life [mother nature network]

A Lot of Maple Syrup Isn’t Vegan — Here’s Why [Well + Good]

How to Buy Weed in Canada Now That It's Legal [Lifehacker]

Science Proves That Being Nice Is Its Own Reward [Forbes]

Are you a 'super recognizer'? [mother nature network]

Why Love has Become My Religion [Medium]

A Year of Magical Thanking [Cup of Jo]

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