Best Links of the Week: February 3, 2018

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Residents in this California town might be living beyond 100 because of one diet choice. [Well+Good]

Meditation will help you stay calm—and it will rub off on your partner. [MindBodyGreen]

11 Brutal Truths Every Baby Boomer Needs to Hear (Written by a Millennial) [medium]

Farming Has a Huge Impact on the Environment. Enter Carbon Trapping. [Futurism]

A First Look At The Spheres, Amazon’s Wild New Corporate Biodome [FastCo]

Trump Slaps Tariffs on Solar Panels in Major Blow to Renewable Energy [Time]

How to Choose Seeds for a Healthier, Happier Garden [One Green Planet]

Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started [New York Times]

Hawaiian crows return from extinction in wild [mother nature network]

Quinoa Vs Rice: 8 Areas Where Quinoa Scores Over Rice [CureJoy]

Nutritionally speaking, soy is best plant-based milk [EurekAlert]

Curcumin improves memory and mood [Science Daily]

To walk on ice, channel your inner penguin [mnn]

Winter gardening 101 [One Green Planet]

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