Best Links of the Week: September 8, 2018

Photo by  Echo Grid  on  Unsplash

Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash

Sarnos to Launch Plant-Based Meat Company and Turn Chicken Farmers Into Mushroom Growers [One Green Planet]

A Huge Iceberg Is Moving. Now Scientists Finally Might Understand What Lives Underneath It. [Futurism]

How to Practice Healthy Portion Control When Mindful Eating Doesn’t Work for You [Well + Good]

This Autonomous Drone Is Ready to Defend the Great Barrier Reef From Predators [Futurism]

We Now Have Evidence That a Marijuana Compound Can Help People With Psychosis [Futurism]

How tomorrow’s buildings will make you — and the planet — healthier [World Economic Forum]

The “Hangover Halo” Could Be the Real Reason You Feel so Hopelessly Tired [Well + Good]

California Is The First State To Ban Animal-Tested Beauty Products [mindbodygreen]

Eye in the sky watches Earth in riveting Hubble photo [Mother Nature Network]

First ever trials on the effects of microdosing LSD set to begin [The Guardian]

Hedge Shrubs That Can Provide Privacy and Sustenance [One Green Planet]

Here's how much your food waste hurts the environment [Popular Science]

I Stopped Trying To 'Fix' My Anxiety. It Changed My Life [mindbodygreen]

What you can do to reduce microfiber pollution [mother nature network]

Here's How Long It Actually Takes To Heal Your Gut [mindbodygreen]

Gala topples Red Delicious in apple standings [mother nature network]

The Capitalist Origins of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test [Medium]

6 Easy Ways To Increase The Vibration In Your Home [Sivana East]

The Complete Guide to the Science of Meditation [Elysium Health]

How to make the most of a short vacation [mother nature network]

Amazon Wants to Mine Data From the (Literal) Stars [Futurism]

Why Artificial Scarcity is Killing You [Eudaimonia and Co]

Extreme weather is triggering climate despair [Medium]

12 Daily Habits Of Debt-Free People [mindbodygreen]

Is Caffeine Triggering Your Anxiety? [mindbodygreen]

There’s Water in Jupiter’s Atmosphere [Futurism]

Inconstants of Nature [Nautilus]

How to Get Started [Medium]





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