Best Links of the Week: May 12, 2018

Photo by  mvp  on  Unsplash

Photo by mvp on Unsplash

How To Encourage Your Partner To Live A Healthy Lifestyle When It's The Last Thing They Want To Do [mindbodygreen]

While Everyone Is Distracted By Social Media, Successful People Double Down On An Underrated Skill [The Mission]

To Transform Your Life, Become Intentionally Aware Of Your Beliefs And Feelings About Yourself [The Mission]

Your favorite scented products are causing as much air pollution as your car [mother nature network]

Considering Getting Off Antidepressants? Here's How To Do It Safely [mindbodygreen]

This ‘plastic’ bag is 100% biodegradable and made of plants [World Economic Forum]

Facts You Never Imagined About The Nearest Stars To Earth [Starts With A Bang!]

The Houseplant Styling Guide For Every Room In Your Home [mindbodygreen]

The Biggest Health Risk for Lunar and Martian Explorers: Tiny Dust [Futurism]

How To Create A Happy Home, According To Neuroscience [mindbodygreen]

This CBD Tincture Makes Me Super Productive… In a Chill Way [healthyish]

How To Recognize When The Universe Gives You A Sign [mindbodygreen]

How To Achieve Your 10-Year Plan In The Next 6 Months [Thrive Global]

How To Know If Your Products Are Truly Hypoallergenic [mindbodygreen]

Why Training Your Mind Is the Most Important Priority in Life [Medium]

Avengers: Infinity War Shows a Dark Side of Environmentalism [Earther]

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems [Bright Magazine]

NFL player makes medical marijuana history: 'I have a life to live' [CNN]

The 19 Small Ways That NASA Will Try To Save The Earth [Medium]

Why Cannabis Is the Buzziest Ingredient in Skin Care [Well + Good]

The Best Meditation Tips For People With Anxiety [mindbodygreen]

How To Use Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies [mindbodygreen]

Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamp: Fact Or Fad? [CureJoy]

What gray hair says about your health [mother nature network]

Frequent sauna bathing reduces risk of stroke [Science Daily]

Vegan kimchi contains the same ‘good’ bacteria [Futirity]

Why saunas are good for you [mother nature network]

Picking Fruits and Greening Cities [inviromnment]

Waking Up Is Hard to Do [Self Bettering]

In Defense of New Age [Medium]